21 Mar

Fiberglass vs Vinyl: Which Is Better for Your Home?

pool installationA swimming pool is always a great addition to any family home. If you plan to put one in your backyard, it’s best to take time out to look through the many choices available. Fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools, for instance, differ in terms of installation, appearance, and maintenance. Choosing the right one might be difficult, so here’s a comparison to help you decide:


Fiberglass swimming pool installers order pre-molded fiberglass pools from manufacturers, so they can place these directly into the hole that they excavated. This makes the installation process quick, and you can expect a new swimming pool in three to four weeks.

Vinyl liner pools, on the other hand, often take more than a month. Pool builders need to prepare the shape and depth of the hole before installing the vinyl material. Moreover, installation takes time because they need to make sure that they’ve covered all corners properly.


Pool builders have to transport the fiberglass pool to your home, so its size and depth is limited. The biggest pool you can have is about 40 feet long, 16 feet wide, and 8feet deep. One of the main advantages of vinyl liner pools is that you can have whatever shape, size, and depth you desire installed.

Fiberglass pools can have built-in seating, steps, and tanning ledges. With vinyl liner pools, you need to add these features into the shape of the hole before installing the vinyl material.


Fiberglass pools have a nonporous, gel coat surface. It prevents the growth of algae, minimizing the need to use chemicals to maintain the pool. Vinyl liner pools are also nonporous, but you’ll need to replace the vinyl material after 10 years, unlike fiberglass that lasts up to 25 years.

These comparisons are only some of the things you should take note of when choosing between these two types of swimming pool. Look for a reliable fiberglass pool installer or a vinyl liner pool professional to let them handle the building process successfully.