25 Mar

Crowd Control: Keeping Your Events Under Control

security guardsCrowd control is among the most important things you should focus on when organising an event. It makes the stay of your guests more enjoyable, as they can move around with ease. It can also be a security measure to make sure that nobody attempts to do things on their own and cause trouble to others.

It pays to prepare and do the following if you are planning to hold an event:

Hire Extra Personnel

Non-seating events like live band concerts are among the most difficult to handle. Not all staff can take care of a specific spot, so you need to hire security guards in Australia or anywhere your event will take place for assistance. Unlike a regular staff, the hired guards can and will stay focus on the safety and security of your guests only.

Organise Foot Traffic

Create an organised pathway for your guests using barricades or rope lines to keep them from scattering around. For instance, if the space is narrow, at least have a two-way path for opposite directions. These will help the guests walk around the area freely without bumping into others.

A separate entrance and exit is also a good idea. This makes it easier for the staff to monitor who’s going in and out of the area. This divides the crowd, keeps the area organized and control foot traffic on each side of the area. Doing so also prevents stampedes from taking place.

Promote Safety

Keep a first-aid kit and know whom to call in case of a disaster. If possible, have an emergency crew on standby-by in case something untoward happens. Prepare your staff for all the possibilities as well, so they know what to do during an emergency. The success of your event does not depend entirely on the program; it should also involve the safety of your guests. Don’t leave the entire job to your staff, though. Hire security guards in Australia to help keep everyone safe and sound.