27 Mar

The Elements of a Great Surprise Birthday Party

fireworks displayBirthdays are a widely celebrated occasion across the globe, marking beginning of another year in a person’s life. For the celebrator’s family and friends, it is about a special person who reached another milestone. Often, it’s fitting to throw a surprise birthday party, but many fail to make it memorable.

To make sure you perfect the art of surprising the celebrator, it’s important that you look into the different elements that make such an occasion work.

The Guest List

The place and decorations are highly important matters in terms of any celebration, but a birthday party is an occasion for select people whom the celebrant deems special. What makes a great event is the company that goes with it, so make sure that you send out the invites to everyone close to the person.

You have to consider the celebrator’s personality as well, as some like it grand with everyone on their phone books invited while others prefer a low-key celebration with a few, exceptional people. Also, make sure that everyone on the guest list knows how to conspire in delivering a surprise party, as the celebrant should never know what’s coming.

The Surprise Factor

Make sure that everything is in place a few days before the actual party. From the decorations to the forms of entertainment available at the venue, everything should be set. Before the celebrant arrives, gather everyone and divulge the details of giving a surprise party.

Apart from the usual yelling of “surprise” in unison, incorporate something that would provide an extra kick of wow factor. One of your options include buying fireworks for sale and light them up in sync with the great reveal of the party.

The Food

One of the things your guests would talk about after the party is the food, so make sure it’s memorable. Look for the right caterer with the perfect menu that fits the taste of the celebrant. Top it off with a nicely decorated cake so that everyone would remember how epic the party was.

Many birthday party guides focus on decorating the place or setting the right time and date, but the secret to a truly memorable surprise birthday party lies in the company present in the occasion, the surprise factor, and the food.