27 Mar

The Way Dementia Affects the Entire Family

considering senior careYou wake up one day finding your mom wearing her dress inside out. Prior to this, she has been struggling to remember her name, using the utensils the wrong way, and having tantrums as though she were a child. You promised her that you would love her unconditionally no matter what. But things have changed a lot, and you never realized that the situation would be more difficult than you think it would be.

Dementia doesn’t only affect the patient’s life. On the other end, the patient’s family and friends will have to cope with a number of changes that, more often than not, have caught them off guard. Follow through the insights below to see how dementia can affect the people close to the patient’s heart.

A Roller Coaster of Emotions

Families tend to be vulnerable to a variety of negative emotions when dealing with a loved one who endures dementia: guilt, grief, loss, and anger. Caregivers are not an exception to the rule.

Guilt is one response that family members may experience, especially when they recount the things they did to the patient in the past. They may feel guilty for not sending their loved one to a senior care home or losing their temper when something reckless has been done. Grief and loss surface when family members face the truth that the patient is not someone they used to know. Anger manifests when family members find it hard work to deal with the patient’s difficult behaviors.

Predicaments on Finances

Caring for people with dementia can be costly, which is why you must look for a senior care facility that provides quality services with rates that are within your budget. Financial problems don’t always take this form; it’s often seen on the side of the sufferer. For example, patients may make unsound decisions while they’re still in charge of their finances. They may start giving money to strangers or buy expensive items.

Troubles with Legal Affairs

Legal issues usually arise and send everyone in the family into the frenzy, especially if what’s being discussed is the division of properties and shouldering of liabilities. This problem becomes difficult to deal with when sufferers have not made any arrangements or revised their estate plans while they are still able to manage their affairs.

While problems may take many forms, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget: love them. And if you may, do it unconditionally.