31 Mar

Preparing for the Big Day: 4 Must-Dos Before Moving Into a New Home

Moving to a new house is a dream come true for many. There’s nothing more satisfying than to reap the fruit of your hard work. Whether you built the house with the help of a trusted homebuilder or you bought it directly from a developer, the decision could be life changing.

Before you move in to your new property, there are some important things to do and think about. Keeping them in mind will help you avoid problems and enjoy a happy life.

moving truckCheck the Papers

You’re too excited to move in and decorate your new home, but you forgot where you put the payment receipt or the sale agreement. Securing important documents should be part of the overall preparation. Make sure to put them in a safe place and always keep them accessible.

Double Check the Inventory

It’s necessary to make an inventory of all the items you’ll be taking with you. Separate all the things you’re not planning to move and dispose them properly. You can plan a garage sale to make extra money or donate the items to charity. Double check if everything is included on the list and label individual boxes properly.

Perform a Final Walkthrough

It’s important to let a reliable building inspector perform a final walkthrough on your newly bought property to identify problems you might encounter once you move in. If there’s any flaw, ask the developer or contractor to fix it first.

Clean the House

While new homes are ready for occupancy, it’s still best to perform a general cleaning before you move in. It will be easier to arrange your things if the house is free from dust and other debris left by the builders. You can hire a cleaning company if you don’t have enough time and resources to do it.

Having a stress-free move starts with buying the right property. If you’re not sure where to buy, then it would be ideal to check for client reviews of the top homebuilders in your location.


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