18 Jun

For the Love of Coding: Learning the Fun and Easy Way

Raspberry PiNecessity is the mother of all inventions, and technology on a wide scale. Now most, if not all, companies have their own IT and web development department. Seeing this evolution, from the need to learn how to use computers to understanding how it functions, is quite overwhelming.

The hesitation in learning coding is due to its impression and reputation of being difficult and complicated. This, however, is not completely true, especially with the different learning methods.You can learn all about it without having to make it a drag or a chore. How?

Make it Fun

You’re probably asking how coding can possibly be fun when you have to deal with the codes. By focusing on the outcome and results of what your codes can do, you can start having fun with it.

A fun way to do this is through a Raspberry Pi Kit. The kit is equipped with a credit card sized computer called the Raspberry Pi that is able to turn monitors or TVs into learning tools for programming. The computer software is easy to use that even kids can use it.

Look into the Basics

Before venturing into the unknown, it is best to start with the known. With the basic coding languages, Scratch and Python, you can model your creation to an already available tech and use it as a basis for your newest creation.

Build your knowledge from there; learn about the computers that you use daily for work and see if you can do the same.

Use Your Creativity

Experimenting is the first step and if you can think it, coding can most probably make it work. With the aid of the learning platform of the Raspberry Pi, your ideas can come to life.

If you do what you love and love what you do, learning will come naturally. So the first step in learning how to code is loving it through the aforementioned ways.