28 Mar

Renting Tents 101

Clearspan TentWhy rent a tent anyway? Tent and party suppliers commonly cite that people often wish to rent tents if the host wishes to provide their guests the feel of home. Moreover, they add that renting a tent is much cheaper than hiring a proper venue for a party or an event.

If you wish to hold an event in your garden or yard, then you must hire a blow-up tent. These tents can be customised to suit the occasion. Otherwise, when the venue is bigger than your run-of-the-mill backyard, renting a clearspan tent is the most advisable.

When you decide to hire a tent, ensure that account for the following:

  • The size of the tent: Discuss with the tent rental company about the occasion and the number of guests you expect will attend the event. Based on your estimate, the company will be able to guide you regarding the size of the tent, or even the type.
  • Choose the decoration: The type of the event or occasion will help you choose the decoration. The decorations for a wedding will be different from that or a birthday party or an informal corporate gathering.
  • Check the fabric of the tent: If you wish to have mellow lighting within the tent, then it is essential that you choose a dark coloured thick fabric. This will reflect the sunlight and provide your tent with a shaded appearance.
  • Proper drainage: If you are expecting rain or even if there is an unpredictable change in weather, the tent you rent should have a proper drainage system. This will let your guests enjoy the party even it is raining heavily.

So choose the tent you wish to hire carefully. Check the fabric, quality and size of the tent with care so that your guests can enjoy the party. After that, all you need to do is enjoy the party along with your guests.