11 Oct

Panicking Over Your Upcoming Move? It’s Completely Normal

Moving in Salt Lake CityAnyone who’s ever moved can attest that moving is one of life’s most challenging events, both physically and emotionally. It can bring out the worst or best in people.

Just ask the Brits. In a 2015 poll, two-thirds of their population ranked moving houses on top of their stress list. Even for people in Salt Lake City, the transition is harder with a breakup and divorce riding on it.

But without the additional baggage of failed relationships, does it really have to be so daunting?

You Can Do Something About It

We can go on and on about the best ways to manage moving stress, but there is one solution that’s often taken for granted: lots and lots of preparation.

Do everything you can to start the moving process as early as possible. Pack and clean away in advance. Secure the best movers in your city, and if it’s financially feasible, overlap your old lease and your new one by at least a week.

Plan in advance which furniture goes into which rooms. It makes the day feel more controlled and less overwhelming. It also leaves more room to move at a leisurely pace. Leisurely means relaxed. Relaxed means stress-free.

There’s Nothing Wrong with You

Some people get panic attacks just from the prospect of moving. Others can feel like it’s an impending doom. Experts insist that these feelings are normal and not a sign of weakness. The uncertainties, lack of order, and upheaval accompanying a move can trigger mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

For interstate moves, you’re not just changing your home. You also have to find a new school, take on a different commute or find a new dentist. This change can either mildly worry someone or shake another to their core. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall, surround yourself with positive ideas and positive people.

You’re experiencing a milestone in your life. Let yourself worry. But don’t take too long, you still have stuff to pack.