24 Dec

Looking for Ways to Save Space? These 3 Door Types Can Help You

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It is normal for a home’s interior to run out of space after a couple of years. If you are thinking about renovating to increase space, you might want to consider changing your doors first.

When you first set foot on your brand new home, you may have immediately thought of a dozen things to buy to fill your interiors. These can include tables, side tables, living room sets, display shelves, and many more until you have indeed been able to fill your home’s interiors. The funny thing is that as soon as you have achieved this, your thoughts may have already been leaning towards how you will increase space. Well, you might want to try installing sliding doors first before considering renovation to increase space.

Sliding Doors

You may not believe it, but a regular size door, small as it may seem, can occupy 7.29 square feet of space or roughly 3 quarters of a meter. How is that? According to Build.com.au, the width of a standard door in Australia is 820 millimetres. Convert this to meter and you get 0.82 or 2.7 in feet. Multiply this by itself to get the area and you will see the above results are correct. This means if you start using internal sliding doors (which Triline Quality Door Systems provides), you can save a lot of space. But what type of sliding door is the best for your home?

Gliding Patio Door

There are three popular types of sliding doors and one of them is the gliding patio door. As the name indicates, this type of door is usually used to gain entrance to the patio. They are made up of two or more panels, with only one of them sliding back and forth on a track. According to the Architect Magazine, even if you cannot slide all panels out of the way, it is still better than a regular door in terms of saved space.


You normally see these doors used as room dividers or in closets. Commonly built as two panels, they slide along a track, bypassing each other in either direction.


The entire length of this door slides along a track and enters a compartment or pocket in the wall. These are normally used in rooms where it is unrealistic to use regular doors. Such rooms could include utility areas or bathrooms.

Check the areas in your home and see whether one or all of these doors can help you free up space in your interior. If you have been using a regular hinged door for your patio, maybe you should consider the gliding patio door. For your closet, maybe you might want to use bypass doors. Whatever the case may be, these door types can save you a lot of space that you can fully utilize for some other purpose.