12 Jan

Bored with Treadmills? Here are Your 3 Alternatives

Treadmill Alternatives The grim consequences of a sedentary lifestyle are telling you one thing: don’t be lazy when it comes to exercise. Spend at least 30 minutes each day doing cardio. This exercise is important in improving the endurance and strength of your heart muscles.

Exercising doesn’t mean signing up for gym memberships. You can do this conveniently at home with equipment like treadmills. They have become more advanced over the years as you can now adjust the slope, speed, and gradient quickly. But treadmills can get boring over time, and boredom can easily reduce your motivation.

When you’re feeling the home workout rut, change equipment and consider this:

1. Trampolines

Rebounding is an amazing form of exercise. It promotes excellent lymphatic activity for a more responsive immune system. It strengthens the skeletal system and reduces stress. Moreover, it has comparable benefits to running, yet it is low impact. You are therefore more likely to recover faster doing rebounding than running.

An expert from Trampolines.com notes that rebounding is easy to do too. It requires only strong and stable trampolines. There are already round, rectangular and square trampolines, as well as large and small ones. Finding one that fits indoors and outdoors is no longer a problem.

2. Yoga Ball

Also known as the Swiss ball, the yoga ball is cheap and versatile workout equipment. Aside from cardio, it can be used for resistance and strength. It’s even a brilliant alternative to stiff desk chairs. You may also use the ball too to improve balance, flexibility, body coordination, and focus.

3. Circuit Training Setup

Circuit training is an efficient exercise that works on various muscle groups simultaneously. Although it needs stations, setting them up is easy and quick and requires minimal equipment and setup. For example, you can have a jump rope for cardio, bench press for weights, yoga ball for flexibility, and resistance bands. That’s it!

It may be cliché, but health is definitely wealth. Spend more time enjoying your life than worrying about health care costs. Keep yourself inspired to work out with these fun alternatives.