21 Mar

Delicious, Lah: Top Must-Try Singaporean Dishes

A serving of LaksaSingapore is not only famous for its beautiful urban skyline and highly developed technologies. It is also known for its cuisine, which many food experts consider as one of the best in Asia.

Whether you are planning to study in a university in Singapore like James Cook University Singapore or you have decided to be a tourist for a week, the following dishes should be on your list. Take your friends and explore the country with your taste buds:

Chili Crab

Crabs are often served boiled with a few spices. In Singapore, crabs are revered with thick gravy in tomatoes and chilli as a base. This treat is what you call Chilli Crab. The sauce itself is already bursting with flavour, what more if you get to savour the crab meat?


Japan has ramen, China has chow mein, and Singapore has laksa. It’s a serving of rice noodles in a flavourful soup with coconut milk and curry as its base. The concoction is completed with fish balls, eggs, shrimp, and chicken meat. This is just so perfect for rainy days.

Chicken Rice

Many Singaporeans consider Hainanese Chicken rice as the country’s national dish. The rice is steamed with chicken stock that is why it is flavorful. The servings of chicken can either be steamed or roasted. A bowl of this dish is completed with shallots and ginger.


Satays are the Singaporeans’ take on barbecue. These skewered grilled meats are served with rice and are made tastier with peanut sauce. What makes it savoury is its marinade, which is made with lemon grass, turmeric, and cumin.

Ice Cream Sandwich

If you are done with the savoury dishes, you can find a sweet treat in Singapore’s ice cream bread — a block of ice cream sandwiched in a slice of bread. You can have it any time of the day. Usual flavours are chocolate, peppermint, and strawberry.

These are only some of the dishes you should when visiting Singapore. Many of these treats can make your stay in Singapore truly memorable, so be sure to check them all out.