18 Apr

Tree Stump Removal: Safety Precautions to Follow

A tree stump in the outdoors You can remove stumps of dead and rotting trees from your property through varied means. If you are smart in choosing the method, then it will only take a short while, and not much labour cost.

Many homeowners in Tauranga who want a tree removal sometimes are misinformed about the proper way to do it. The experts at Tree Fellers present what you should know to approach it properly right from the outset.

What does the job entail?

Some trees have shallow roots and are easy to pry out from the ground. However, deciduous trees have long roots that reach deep into the ground and may take a longer time to remove.

You must have not only the right approach but also the right tools for the job. Some jobs require a shovel or a stump grinder. Once you have the right tool, you can remove the tree stump.

You could also hire professional tree surgeons in your area to remove the dead wood. Their expertise and knowledge could give you a quick and expert tree stump removal in your property.

Precautions against using fire

The remainder of a tree that has been cut down or destroyed by the elements will decay in time. Sometimes, some homeowners think that setting a tree stump on fire would quicken the process.

However, experts do not recommend this as fire on dry ground can immediately turn into a wild conflagration if it picks up wind. It is all the more dangerous if your property has an abundance of dry brush and undergrowth, as this can serve as fuel for the fire.

You can also opt for a chemical removal. These products expedite decay and reduce the amount of time and force to take out the stump. Make sure you are following the proper procedures and keep your children and house pets inside the house when using this method.

No matter how you decide to remove the tree stump on your property, always consult the professionals first to ensure that you have the right information before doing the job.