26 Apr

What to Expect in a Ground Tank Inspection Service

Tank Inspector at WorkSafety is important with above ground storage tanks, and because of this, regular inspections are necessary. You might choose to hire inspectors as part of your staff, or you might decide to hire an inspection service. Either way, choosing the best inspection service is also important, so here are some factors and features that you would want to find.

API 653 Certified

Tanks, as sturdy as they may look, can be pretty delicate. A small leak anywhere can prove dangerous. The API 653 tank inspection service is made to guide those who are in the business of tank inspection and repair to ensure the safety of those who use them. Your chosen inspection service needs to follow the said guidelines for quality and efficiency, and those who are API 653 certified can assure you of that.

Gives Complete and Timely Reports

Once hired, each inspection service is required to give a full report on the status of your tanks. Complete and punctual reports can identify all your issues at once which are relevant in choosing the best and speediest solutions available. It is therefore required to find inspectors that would immediately report every relevant detail for immediate analysis and solutions

Suggests the Best Courses of Action

A good tank inspection service should also be able to recommend expert, practical, and most affordable alternatives. Some inspection companies also do repairs, and if you’ve hired one that’s trustworthy and reputable, then you might as well discuss a package for all the services you need.

Choosing an expert tank inspection service helps you keep your workplace safe. They also assure you that your staff and workers are not negatively affected by possible incidents due to tank issues. Finally, with regular tank inspection appointments, your company will be spared from spending money on fixing the effects of a leak and even possibly losing your reputation due to neglect.