10 May

Here Is How Your Credit Union Can Gain More Visibility Today

Mutual Marketplace ServicesCredit unions have a good share of benefits and advantages, especially when compared with traditional banks. But this does not mean you do not have to market yours. Even Mutual Marketplace believes in the principle of credit unions, which is working together to achieve more.

And this is what your marketing department can do to attract consumers to become members. You are going to have to put one foot through the door before people start noticing you. Here are five good marketing ideas for your credit union that you should not pass up today.

Offer freebies.

When people see the word “free” their eyes light up like Christmas lights. This has been an old tried and tested strategy that is always worked. You can create a free-cookie day for each member who visits you or a free pen for every new member who signs up.

Gamify things up.

This is always a fun way to engage with people. You can ask for member testimonials about their experiences, and the best one can receive a discount at a participating store or receive a gift pack. Use your creativity with your prizes.

Have something for the kids.

Most members come in with their kids. You can have a small play area where they can play while the member waits to be assisted. Or you can designate a day in the week where kids get free cookies or educational toys.


Gather your member at least once a year for your credit union’s anniversary. Celebrate Christmas with them or provide special offers for Valentine’s or New Year. Celebrating with your members is always a good way to promote your services.

Use ATM receipts as opportunities.

The back of ATM receipts is usually blank. Use that space as an opportunity to give value to your members by offering discounts from local restaurants or simply putting current promotions on it.

It is time to bring your credit union up the next level. Get creative with these tips and use your own branding for each. Soon you will have a cooperative that is thriving with a strong sense of community.