21 May

4 Creative Ideas to Pop the “Will You Marry Me?” Question

man on his knees proposingStill in search for the best idea on how to break the “Marry me?” question to your special someone? No need to worry because there are tons of ways to surprise and profess your undying love for your special someone. To help make the most unforgettable wedding proposal, here are some ideas you could try:

1. A Little Help from Furry Friends

If you want an adorable and cuddly way to deliver the message, why not get help from their favorite pet. One good way to do this is to attach your message and the diamond ring you’ve bought from jewelry shops like AAA Jewelers to their collar. A short while later, they will get them and it’s your cue to ask the question yourself.

2. Take it to the Photobooth

Another great idea to capture the precious moment of your proposal is by asking the question in a photo booth. Surely, your special someone would never expect that something special would happen as you two take a picture together. This may seem like an unconventional way to propose, but it’ll certainly be much appreciated by your special someone.

3. Save it for the Last Bite

Although it has been done countless times, doing a proposal during meals is still the most classic way to pop the question. If you want to make it a little different, why not try engraving the message on the plate, utensils, or mugs. Although the thrill of waiting until they finally read your message could be nerve-wracking, it’ll all be paid off once they answer you with a sweetest “yes.”

4. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Amp up the level of suspense and surprise for your proposal by organizing a treasure hunt with some of your friends and family. Surely, this will keep your partner hooked and wondering what type of treasure they will get. At the end of the game, once they get everything that’s needed, you may now ask them directly. They may be a little tired, but it’ll definitely be worth all the search they’ve done.

It’s not every day you’ll have the chance to ask your partner to be with you forever. That’s why when you’re already at that point in your relationship, you want nothing else but to make it special and unforgettable. Hopefully, these ideas will help you come up with the best proposal you both deserve.