18 Jul

How to Increase Retail Sales and Win the Online Battle

retail shoppingThe rise of online shopping has been a big threat to brick and mortar stores in the past years. Almost 6000 stores in the UK’s high streets closed because of this.

But this shouldn’t be a cause of alarm for your business. If you sell casual clothing and accessories, you can look for a distributor of wholesale sunglasses in the UK. This way, you can expand your inventory so that customers can get everything they need for their ensembles. Or you can reinvent your store design to make it more conducive to generating sales.

Here are four smart ways to help your retail store win the online battle:

1. Create a Buzz

Get a celebrity to cashier for a day. If you have space, host a small acoustic gig in or right outside your store. Do something different at least once a week and be sure to let the media know about it. This will attract the right crowd who could be your future customers.

2. Build a Good Relationship with Your Customer

Find ways to interact with new and existing customers. You can have an app for them to download to access special promotions or discounts on their next purchase. These customers are your best bet for word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Make Your Own Holiday

Choose a specific day or week in a month when you can celebrate something in your store. During that period, you can offer discounts during certain hours or give away certain items to random customers. Make it a festive holiday that is unique to your store because people love to celebrate and get free stuff.

4. Consider Guerrilla Marketing

If you have a creative team on board, have them figure out new ways to get out on the streets and advertise your product. Not only will you get the attention of your customers; you will also pique the interest of your prospective buyers.

One important thing to remember is if you still have your brick and mortar store up, that is a good sign. Now, all you need to do is change things up a bit and think out of the box as you apply these ideas to your retail store.