19 Jul

How to Look More Stylish in Three Simple Ways

Woman with good fashionBeing stylish, for many, is very much like a chore. But it should not be. It is one of the best ways to express one’s self. The biggest misconception about looking good is that you have to spend big on clothes and shoes. This, however, always proves to be wrong, especially when it comes to trends.

In reality, you have to keep things simple. As the adage goes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If you are looking for some ways to look better without exerting too much effort, this article is for you. Here are three ways you may want to take note of.

Keep the essentials

Do not buy just because it is the trend. The goal here is you need to look timeless. As such, you need to invest in pieces that will look good no matter what the year or season is. For ladies, the little black dress is an essential. White shirt and washed jeans are nice options. A good pair of black and two-tone pumps or heels should not be forgotten. For men, brogued oxfords, loafers, button-downs, and chinos should be part of their wardrobe.

Change your haircut

Be easily noticed by getting a good haircut. Do not just get a haircut because it is trendy. Find the style in which you are comfortable. Get the aesthetics that you think are perfect for your style. You can narrow down your choices by seeking the advice of your hairstylist.

Get good glasses

Glasses are not just utilitarian icons; they are design and style pieces that can match your style. They will also help in framing your face and highlighting your facial assets. You can order stylish glasses online to avoid the hassle.

A few simple upgrades can step up your style game. Do not be afraid to mix and match. Do not be afraid to express your style.