1 Aug

Tips for Honing Your Flair for Hair

Pretty girl with wavy hairstyleIt can take time for a hairstylist to find the right tools for the job; implements that not only make the process of cutting and styling hair more efficient but also help a stylist find their signature technique. While it would be great to have an entire arsenal on-hand, at all times, narrowing things down also makes it more convenient for you to work anywhere.

Tools of the Trade

The most basic tools, of course, would be a hair spritzer, combs, brushes, scissors and a blow dryer. Aside from these, stylists also use curlers, curling and flat irons, clips and styling products. Learning to use those tools heightens your ability to create any style that you and your client desire. However, there will always be tools that help you develop your own individual signature as a hairstylist.

Know the Tools

There are stylists who do well with the most basic pair of hair cutting scissors, a good brush and comb. Other stylists may prefer razors to create certain looks. You can also choose to use a combination of two or more tools. If you buy hair thinning scissors, the right kind can help you create looks that range from subtle to edgy. By learning the nuances of each tool, you can easily forge signature cuts and styles that set your skills apart from that of others.

Narrow Your Preferences

Styling requires both artistic and technical skill. So, you need to know your own aesthetics and hone your own personal skill set or specialisation. While most clients will opt for typical services like simple trims, cuts and styling, you will inevitably encounter adventurous clients who will ask you to “do something new.” This is the point where you should allow yourself to shine – and having the correct tools that best suit your skills and style aesthetics will enhance anything you create.

Likewise, make sure you have all the necessary requirements, licenses and permits for the areas of specialisation that you desire, especially if you are looking to open your own salon.

Know Your Goals

Hairstylists work in a variety of environments. Set your sights on where you wish to showcase your skills. Options include working independently, as part of a team at an established salon or in other fields like the theatre. This will also help you figure out what skills you’ll need to develop and what tools will be necessary for you to succeed.