5 Aug

Should I Invest in Hair Thinning Scissors?: 3 Questions to Answer

Hairstylist Cutting HairBack in the day, barbers and hair stylists simply grab any regular pair of scissors or razors to style their clients’ hair. But as the years pass by and the hair trends become more elaborate, stylists need to start investing in the proper tools to get the job done right.

One of the most important tools they can add to their arsenal is a pair or set of hair thinning scissors. These scissors have a jagged edge on one side that can help stylists put texture to hair. The other side of the scissor is blunt, reducing the amount of hair being cut.

These scissors, particularly the good-quality ones, are quite pricey. So, before buying hair thinning scissors, stylists need to ask themselves these important questions:

1. What kind of hair thinning scissor should I buy?

There are several types of hair thinning scissors and they vary based on the amount of hair they can remove. Each pair comes with a description of the percentage of hair that is cut with each snip. Those with a higher tooth count are used for blending and removing bulk, while those with wider teeth remove more hair.

Wider teeth shears are typically used for people with curly hair because these can remove more hair with each cut and make the overall style appear less bulky.

2. Who are my clients?

Thinning shears are perfect for clients who have thick hair or those who prefer to keep their tresses short. But these can also be used by people with thin hair who want to add depth to their look. This pair of scissors is also a big help for stylists who do men’s fade haircuts, which is currently one of the most popular hairstyles today.

3. What materials are the scissors made of?

The material used to produce the thinning scissors are what would separate the affordable ones from the expensive ones. It would likewise define the quality of the cut and its longevity.

Trusted suppliers carry a variety of models ranging from classic steel, rose gold, matte black and even rainbow chrome. For those who want to add a bit of personality to their shears, printed styles are a good option.