6 Aug

How Sport Obermeyer Stays on Top

A ski enthusiast properly dressed for the sportStaying on top of any industry is a challenge. The world is changing so fast that many companies are having a difficult time keeping up. But, that’s not the case with Sport Obermeyer. The company manages to stay competitive without lowering the quality and price of their products. An Obermeyer women’s jacket sale is a rare event, so you should make the most of it. Below are the characteristics of Sport Obermeyer that keeps them important in the fashion sportswear industry:

Customer centric

The founder of Sport Obermeyer is former ski instructor Klaus Obermeyer. His first attempt at making sportswear was in 1947. He made a parka out of a down comforter, the first of its kind. His idea was to keep people on the slopes by making the experience as comfortable as possible. He could make more money that way as a ski instructor. Klaus is still the head of the company at the age of 95. His customer-centric attitude continues to have a big impact on the company.

Fashion forward

Fashion trends come and go, even in sportswear. The people behind Sport Obermeyer update their products all the time. They keep a finger on the fashion pulse of the market to stay ahead of the pack. This makes their brand name one of the top brands in the industry. They can maintain their exclusivity without losing sales to cheaper, online products.


Fashion sportswear is a business. To stay on top, a company has to be smart about the business side of the enterprise. Sport Obermeyer was one of the first apparel companies to use new approaches to forecast supply and demand. They were able to identify which products would sell and which would not. This helped them cut costs in the long term. The company continues to use innovative management strategies to keep it going despite global competition.

Sport Obermeyer stays on top of the industry because of smart management. It also helps a lot that they put their customers first.