14 Aug

Glam Slam: 3 Steps to Breaking into the Beauty Industry

make-up artistThe beauty industry is growing. Along with the growth in profits comes the emergence of other players.

And the challenge for these new entrepreneurs who want to try their fate on this industry is how to break into the scene and sustain their presence. If you want to make a mark in the beauty sector, you have to start strong with these steps:

Write your business plan.

This is your road map, the steps you need to take to achieve success. If you can make it as detailed as possible, the better. At a minimum, you should be able to define your company, provide market analysis, describe service or product line, and identify funding and financial projections.

The latter is important especially if you’re breaking into a highly competitive and profitable business like salons; the way you handle finances will dictate the trajectory of the business in the next coming years. ARF Financial sees some new entrepreneurs choosing salon financing to jump start the business.

Find your niche.

It goes without saying that you must offer high-quality products and services. But it’s important that these products and services target a specific part of the market. The rationale behind this is you want to stand out in this industry that has so many players already.

So, going back to the salon business example, a lot of entrepreneurs who want to get into this business identify a specific audience even if they have a lot of services, which can be beneficial for a lot of people, men, and women, young and old. Some differentiate themselves by choosing to have a waxing salon, catering to millennial women. This doesn’t just help them filter through marketing efforts, but also establish a brand identity that would appeal to this market.

Stay updated.

With rules and regulations and especially trends. The less pretty things you would have to go through in the beauty industry is to secure permits, approvals, etc. Check the laws in your state to avoid unnecessary fines in the future. Of course, you also have to keep track of trends. Beauty products and services change swiftly, as social media influences what people see as beautiful, so make sure you keep up with those changes.

It’s not all fun and glam in the beauty industry. You really have to get down and dirty if you’re serious about starting in this business. So, keep in mind these steps to break into the scene in style and with success.