8 Sep

Quitting Your Job to Be an Entrepreneur? Here’s What You Should Consider

resigned employee packingNot everyone is wired for a 9-5 and “answer to a manager” job. For some, having a boss and being stuck in a cubicle for at least five days a week can get tiring and unfulfilling, really quickly. Others may find that their jobs are no longer be as interesting as when they first started.

If you are among the people who want to be their own boss, there are things that you should seriously consider. You want to be careful not to put your finances at risk, after all.

Do You Have the Financial Capacity?

Funding a startup business involves more than just having enough capital. You also have to consider if you have extra money to sustain your lifestyle while you are waiting for your return on investment.

If, however, you are determined to quit your big city job but don’t have enough capital to pursue your dream of establishing a small business in a more quiet place like Ogden, UT, Small Business Administration loan programs are an option for you.

An SBA loan doesn’t finance your company. Instead, it backs you so you can loan from a bank. To speed up the loan process, make sure you complete the loan application form, determine which program is right for you, meet the qualifications, and prepare a business plan.

Do You Have a Solid Business Plan?

Mathematics and analysis play significant roles in businesses. You can’t start a business without crunching the numbers and studying the market. You should have a business plan which includes the following:

1. Business concept: product and services; your business name

2. Target market: your consumers and the location of your business

3. Competition: your unique selling point against companies providing the same services and products (especially the bigger ones)

4. Operations: how you produce your products and how you deliver your service to the clients; the number of employees you need

Drafting a detailed, correct business plan can lead you to the success of your company.

Do You Have the Attitude of an Entrepreneur?

You can start your business with your skills, but you can sustain it with your mindset and attitude. Entrepreneurs work hard and smart. They don’t stop until the job is done, successfully,  even after many rejections.

If you have the blood of an entrepreneur, you have the determination and realistic plans to achieve your business goals.

The paths of entrepreneurs can be riddled with challenges, but they are also full of learning opportunities. At times, it can be an uphill battle. To quit your job and take out a loan may seem risky, but if you have the kind of mindset and attitude of a successful business person, the sacrifice will pay off.