17 Sep

Winter is Coming So It’s Time to Store Your Boat Away

Storing your boat during winterWith the winter season just around the corner, the lakes where people typically go fishing, especially in the north, are going to freeze over. For Americans who love fishing (in 2016 alone, 35.8 million Americans went fishing), you will soon have to store your boats away. Do you know how to do it properly?

Merely putting custom covers on your bass boat and hoping for the best isn’t enough. Consider these tips on how to keep boats safe during winter.

Add Antifreeze and Fogging Oil

Antifreeze is a chemical that resists freezing, so it keeps your boat’s engine from freezing and corrosion. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s dilution specifications to maximize its freezing and boiling points. It’s also important to spray your boat’s carburetor or spark plug holes with forging oil to keep your engine protected from the cold.

Remove Drive Belts and Grease the Steering System

It’s important to loosen or entirely remove a boat’s drive belts if you’re going to keep it in storage for an extended period. Keeping it under tension for long may cause the drive belts to crack. Apart from this, you should make sure to grease the steering and control instruments so they’d move smoothly once you’re ready to take the boat out on the water once again.

Seal Exhaust Ports and Manage Interiors

Some exhaust port openings in boats are large, and pests can use these to enter the engine. Tape these openings up to keep pests away while in storage. The interior of your boat is also subject to damage due to the cold weather. Remove any leather, fabric, and other organic materials to keep them safe from mold.

Wax and Cover

Applying wax before storage will prevent rust from forming and corroding your boat’s body. After this, you can cover your boat and store it in your garage or a storage unit.

Keeping boats safe when you’re storing them away for a long time is important. By following these tips, you can make sure that your boat remains functional when you take it out next fishing season.