27 Sep

#CoupleGoals: 3 Relationship Milestones to Reach Before You Get Engaged

Things to do Before EngagementIt’s always tricky knowing when exactly is the right time to propose. You know in your heart that your partner’s the one, but you still ask yourself, “Is this moving too fast?” or “Is she ready for marriage?” While there’s no exact time as to when the right timing is, there are relationship milestones you should have reached that would give you an insight into your maturity as a couple. Before popping the question with the ring, you should be able to experience these:

Meeting the parents

This is a crucial event, as this tells you that you’re both serious — serious enough that both of you will let your partner in on a deeply personal aspect of life, which is your family. This will deepen further your knowledge about who your partner is, who brought them up, and what kind of environment they grew up in.

Hopefully, you may also gain wise relationship advice from people who’ve been married themselves. Moreover, you can ask their parents secretly on which ring styles to check out, especially if you have no idea on buying engagement rings. AAA Jewelers noted that many Salt Lake City jewelers can then give you options based on your preferences.

Discussing money

Money is the root of most evils in a couple’s fight. It’s not just the lack of money that puts relationships on the rocks. Too much money can also cause financial headaches, with the possibility of partners splurging, gambling, or whatnot. It’s important to know how both of you handle personal finances because that will affect your joint lifestyle later on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big spender or saver, as long as you both perfectly understand what your money habits are and are willing to compromise if needed. Discussion of money matters will also help you determine whether you should splurge or save on the engagement ring you’re buying.

Talking about religion

You’ve probably talked about this at the beginning of the relationship, or you’ve perhaps avoided it altogether because you don’t want to dwell in your differences. This could spell trouble down the road when you don’t know where you stand on religious beliefs, especially when you’re planning the wedding already or raising kids. You never know, you may also be sidestepping on proposal traditions later on when you ask the big, romantic question. The important thing here is to respect each other’s religious beliefs and decide on how you can work out differences.

Has your relationship hit these milestones already? If so, then go shop for that ring and nail that flash mob dance proposal.