3 Oct

Regain Your Independence with a Mobility Scooter

elderly on the phone while riding her scooterThe effects of ageing or conditions like arthritis make getting out of the house painful and difficult. If you have noticed you are slowing down, a mobility scooter could bring back your freedom and independence.

Life can become lonely and frustrating when hampered by a medical or age-related problem. Seniors and people with disabilities may feel bad about having to ask for help to go out when they used to have full independence. There are disability and mobility scooters for sale that are designed to help their users get the most out of life.

Get Around Without Pain

If aching joints spoil excursions, scooters can enable people to get out and about effortlessly, without pain. It is possible to drive at a speed of 4mph without needing a driver’s licence, making shopping a pleasure again. Some portable models of mobility scooter are also accepted on buses, providing freedom for people without a car.

Prevent Accidents

One of the most common reasons for hospital admission in the elderly or disabled falls. Older people are more likely to be injured when they fall, due to thinner bone density and medications. Using a mobility scooter when leaving the house reduces the risk of falls.

Effortless Transportation

Mobility scooters are an easier option to use outdoors compared with manual wheelchairs. Self-propelled wheelchairs require good upper arm strength. In those less practised, muscles can quickly begin to ache. Scooters are motorised vehicles. They take the graft out of the journey.

Maintain Independence

Users of mobility scooters won’t have to ask family or friends for help as frequently, giving them the independence they previously knew. A scooter enables them to keep in touch with people and carry on participating in the social activities they enjoy. This boosts self-esteem and keeps depression at bay.

Independent living and disability equipment stores can show potential buyers a range of mobility scooters and let them test drive one. Once they find the right one for them, they will be surprised by how many doors it opens for them.