9 Oct

How to Revolutionise Your Warehouse with Automated Cargo Handling

Package boxes being transferred to a warehouseAutomated dock loading and unloading systems use different skates, drivers, docks, and rollers to handle loads, trailers, and trucks automatically. You require two systems: one inside the dock and another one to dock and unload goods automatically. Using a container roller system, warehouse operators can load the entire cargo automatically at the port or terminal. Automated dock loading and unloading systems are profitable logistic systems that warehouse operators can integrate into their product lines, guided vehicles, and management systems.

They Optimise Human Resource

Warehouse operators can eliminate double handling of materials with automatic dock loading and unloading systems because they require less human intervention. Instead, warehouse operators can redeploy these human resources into other high-value work. Container handling equipment will also help eliminate the expense of hiring forklift operators.

They Improve Workplace Safety

Loading and unloading equipment such as forklifts can be dangerous. However, warehouse operators can increase the safety of their workplaces by eliminating the need for forklift fleets. The chances of an accident occurring are almost zero when a warehouse gets rid of forklifts.

They Reduce the Number of Required Fleets of Trucks

It takes three minutes to load and unload a truck using automated systems. This means that trucks do not have to idle at the dock. That ensures that trailers are on the road on time. This reduces the number of the required vehicle fleets, aiding in cost-saving and operational efficiency. Automated loading and unloading systems also help eliminate demurrage charges because it takes a few minutes to unload a container delivered by a supplier.

Automated loading and unloading systems are widely accepted as the way towards improved warehouse efficiency, safety, productivity, and competitiveness at container terminals and ports. Automated cargo handling can help improve the sustainability of warehouse operations in many ways. The optimised flow of containers can help reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.