17 Oct

How to Plan a Pop-Up Shop

Things to remember when startign a Pop-Up StorePop-up shops or pop-ups have been increasingly popular in recent years. More businesses are opening pop-ups just about everywhere and customers are responding positively and flocking to them. And why not? Pop-ups have given various brands in different industries the ability to engage with their customers in a more personal way.

However, running a successful pop-up shop would require proper planning.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Set specific goals. This is crucial to your budget, so you need to determine why you want to put up a pop-up in the first place. For instance, are you looking to get a slice of seasonal sales or build awareness for your brand?
  • Choose a location and get the required licenses, permits, etc. Rules regarding pop-ups vary from city to city, so do your research first.
  • Check which features and utilities are included in your lease.
  • Design the layout of your pop-up space. The size of the space doesn’t matter as long as you design your space in a way that would showcase your products, engage your customers, and give them a hassle-free shopping experience.
  • Build, buy, or rent any fixture or furniture you need. These include mobile storage shelving, display tables, racks, decorations, and extra lighting.
  • Think about how you’ll market your pop-up. You could roll out a social media campaign, plan events in your store, or partner with local influencers and brands, among many others.
  • Decide on a payment system. Cash and mobile POS systems are the most common and convenient options.
  • Get additional help if necessary. Be sure to set clear guidelines and policies to make sure you are offering the best shopping experience for your customers.
  • Establish shop policies. Decide on operation hours, sound limits, the maximum number of customers inside the shop, and parking restrictions, etc.

Other than increasing your bottom line, pop-ups have the potential to bring you more customers and make existing ones loyal to your brand. Done right, your pop-up could also be a potent marketing tool to drive more interest and awareness to your business.