19 Oct

Pepper Varieties that Should Always Be in Your Kitchen

Peppers that you should always have in your kitchenThere are many herbs and spices that make an integral part of almost every dish nowadays. One of these herbs is peppers. These are added to dishes to flavor, add heat, or just give some crunch.

Peppers from organic fruit and veg suppliers are renowned for their diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. They are also beneficial in control of diabetes, respiratory issues, and anemia. Here are the types of peppers that you should use in your delicious cooking:

Sweet Peppers

These are recognized by their bell-like shape. They have a sweet, mild flavor and can be used fresh to add a tart or sweet taste to your cooking. They can be added raw to sandwiches and salads. The varieties of sweet peppers include European sweet peppers, sweet banana peppers, pimento, and cubanelle peppers. Red sweet peppers are generally used in Mediterranean cooking, while dark green ones are used in Creole cuisine.

Chili Peppers

They contain high capsaicin concentration. There are different types of chili peppers including spicy ones such as serrano, anaheim, jalapeño, and pasilla peppers and hot ones such as tabasco, habanero, and scotch bonnet peppers. When you use fresh chili peppers, smear your hands using olive oil or wear gloves before dicing.

Cayenne Peppers

These are long slender red peppers dried, ground, and stored in airtight containers. Like chili peppers, cayenne peppers add heat to your dishes. Small amounts of cayenne peppers are also used to complement other flavors and bring them out in your cuisine.

Peppers are among the most common herbs used worldwide. Simply picking the first one you come across in the store might not do much for your dishes. Get a reputable organic spice and herb supplier to buy the pepper varieties mentioned above to guarantee you the best for your cooking.