8 Nov

Hops from Down Under: On the Rise in the US

row of beer made from hopsAustralia is known for their love of beer and it is also home to some of the world’s best beer hops. The distinct flavors and character of Australian hops have sparked great interest in the local brewing scene that slowly spread to the rest of the world.


Galaxy hops are the most famous in Australia. It consistently ranks among the top 10 hops in the world. Galaxy can be used in both bittering and flavoring, but it is in flavoring that it stands out.

Galaxy evokes a passion fruity character with a bit of peach and citrus. It is very fragrant, and its flavor profile is purely fruity with no traces of pine, spice, or floral undertones.


Enigma isn’t as pure as Galaxy when it comes to taste. Although it’s still mostly fruity, it does have a little bit of spicy undertones. It is a dual-purpose hop that isn’t overpoweringly bitter, and it adds a little bit of sweetness to your brew.

Hints of raspberry, white wine, and redcurrant accentuate its flavor profile. Your brews will come out with a fruity aroma and a certain dryness similar to white wine. It is a bit hoppy and would probably blend well with more citric hops.


Unlike the two other hops, Topaz comes with a wider variety of flavors. Not limited to fruity undertones, it also evokes a grassy, resinous, earthy, and spicy tones when used in dry hopping.

Its fruity flavors combine is a combination of lychee, berries, and passion fruit with hints of citrus and spice. Like Enigma, Topaz works well with citric hops, such as Galaxy or Citra.

Australian hops are known for their fruity character and their aromatic fragrance. They are now widely available in the US and Galaxy has proven to be one of the favorites of American brewers.