19 Nov

Critical Strategies for Workplace Safety

Port officers looking at a ship dockedAny workplace can have hazardous zones that pose threats to both employees and visitors. Workplace accidents are unfortunate and costly to both the employer and the workers. Observing the following safety measures will help minimise the chances of accidents and injuries at the workplace.

Observe the right use of tools and equipment

Emphasis needs to be placed on the correct use of tools and equipment at the workplace. Moving heavy objects, for example, can be made easier by equipment such as a stillage cage and a hydraulic trolley.

The equipment should be well maintained and serviced regularly too. You should never ignore maintenance practices. Lack of servicing can have serious consequences such as serious injuries.

Train your employees

Your employees need to have proper training on the operational procedures of the equipment that they work with. If any new equipment is introduced, they should be trained about it before being allowed to handle it. They should also be educated on the emergency procedures to take in the event of an accident. The training should be continuous and regular, and workers should be tested to gauge their understanding.

Implement an incident reporting system

You should encourage all employees to report all work-related incidents as soon as possible. By doing so, they help promote a safe working environment, as the employer can fix the issues and prevent them from reoccurring. You can start by having a log book to record all incidents and injuries.

Have clear signage

Health and safety regulations require that you fix clear signs around the workplace. This is to identify areas that are potentially hazardous. Workers should be made aware of all the risk areas and items such as slippery floors and electrical cables. First aid kits and fire fighting equipment should also be well labelled.

Health and safety measures should be standard at all workplaces. Take time and implement the strategies discussed above by making them suitable for your specific workplace environment.